Workplace Relations Services

Member Services

The Accommodation Australia NSW Legal and Industrial Relations Team provides members with a range of advice and assistance regarding employment matters.  In today’s constantly changing industrial landscape it is important that members are well informed and kept up to date on a variety of employment issues. 

Below is an overview of the services offered to Accommodation Australia NSW members.

Workplace Relations Helpline

The Accommodation Australia NSW Legal and Industrial Relations Team provide thorough and accurate advice and assistance to members in a wide range of employment relations issues including:

  • Performance management of employees 
  • Unfair dismissals and unlawful terminations
  • Award interpretations and minimum employment conditions
  • Wage rates and allowances
  • Employee leave entitlements
  • Recruitment
  • WorkCover and Occupational Health and Safety
Contact: (02) 8218 1855 or email 

Special Service Charge at a Discounted Price

The Accommodation Australia NSW Workplace Relations Advisors are experienced in representing members in Federal and State Industrial Commissions (e.g. Fair Work Australia, Anti-Discrimination Commission etc) and can advise and represent your property with workplace agreement negotiations, unfair dismissal claims, discrimination claims, wage claims and many other workplace issues.

Accommodation Australia can also develop a range of other human resource and industrial relations related handbooks, policies and procedures that are individualised for your property.  For further information contact Accommodation Australia on 02 8218 1855 or email

Information Sheets

As a member of Accommodation Australia you have access to a number of information sheets via our Member Portal on topics including:

  • Managing employee performance
  • Termination of employment including dismissal and redundancy
  • Superannuation
  • Workplace policies and procedures
  • Transfer of business
  • Enterprise agreement making
  • Record keeping and payslips
  • Annual leave, personal/carers leave, long service leave, parental leave, etc 
  • The Fair Work Act 2009 and National Employment Standards
  • And many more!

Wage Rates and Awards

On joining Accommodation Australia NSW members will gain access to Workplace Relations information sheets, template policies and a copy of the award. Wage schedules, copies of the award and other useful information sheets/template policies are also available on our Member Portal.

Sample Forms, Contracts, Letters and Policies

As a member of Accommodation Australia NSW you have access to a number of tools which can assist you in managing the employment relationship.  We can provide members with the following samples and templates:

  • Warning letters
  • Termination letters
  • Letters of appointment
  • Sample policies on issues including social media, grievance handling and harassment